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At Service More 24 we pride ourselves in providing safe work to our communities. An essential part of everyday living is having a clean water supply entering our homes, and to do this your home may need a backflow prevention device without you even knowing it.


Why would I need a backflow prevention device in a residential home?

Most commonly you would only need a backflow prevention device installed in your home if you have an underground water tank or an irrigation system running off rainwater. The importance of the backflow system is to prevent any cross contaminations of water from entering your home system which could potentially lead to you becoming ill if consuming this dirty water.

We can investigate this for you as a part of our free inspection reports and take the worry out of your mind with regards to the safety of your home’s drinking water.


Backflow prevention devices installed for commercial use:

For commercial use, a backflow device must be installed directly after your water meter. Sydney water has the right to shut water supply off to your property if you do not meet with their requirements.

Backflow devices may need to be installed in other areas of the property as per Sydney water requirements; at Service More 24 our aim is to deliver this information to you before it becomes a problem, leaving our customers stress free and with the ability to continue business as normal without the stress of possibly having their water shut off to the building.


Service More 24 are fully qualified for the installation of backflow prevention devices, check valves and double check valves.


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