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Have you noticed your toilet is backing up when trying to flush??

Have you noticed that it is taking a while for your drains to clear??

Have you noticed any bad smells or any discharge around the house??

These are classic signs of a blocked drain. There are a number of different reasons your drains could be blocked: here are a few…

  • Foreign objects like wet wipes in the pipes
  • Tree roots
  • Kids flushing toys down the drains
  • Paper towels
  • Grease or fat from cooking
  • Dislodgements in pipework

And many more… Luckily if you are experiencing any of the above you have come to the blocked drain specialists! Blocked drain solutions are what we thrive in and we are still yet to come across a drain we have not been able to tackle over the line. We always leave our customers with a smile from ear to ear.


Here’s what we do at Service More 24:

  • Investigate the blocked sewer or stormwater line (CCTV Inspection)
  • Run our high-pressure water jet down the lines
  • Assess the pipes for any further blockages (CCTV Inspection)

If we are unsuccessful in any of the above, we then look at alternatives and give our customers one or two options, a dig up operation may also be required.


Other drain treatments we can provide:

  • Chemical and biological treatments


Give the team a call on 1300 026 876 with our 24/7 emergency response team readily available for any blocked drain issues you may be facing!

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