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Noticed your water meter keeps running but can’t see any signs of a leak?

We often find leaks that we cannot physically see, nor are there any signs i.e. damp walls or sunken grounds.

Thankfully our team is equipped with the latest equipment to detect any underground leaks or concealed leaks in walls. We use everything from listening equipment to thermal equipment, and with this we are able to detect leaks in hot or cold water no matter where the leak may be located.


Captain More’s Promise to YOU

  • Having a professional from Service More 24 work on the case for you
  • We submit a report to Sydney water – money back guarantee to your water bill
  • If we can’t find it then NO CHARGE
  • Job left clean and tidy – you wouldn’t know anyone has been there!



Give the team a call on 1300 026 876 with our 24/7 emergency response team readily available for pipe locating and leak detection!

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