Surge Protection

Power Surge Protection

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The best way to effectively protect your home against power surges is to have a professional electrician install a surge protection unit into your switchboard. This will provide protection for your entire property against electrical events such as lightning strikes. Anyone who has experienced a lightning strike knows how costly they can be for households, TVs, Fridges, iPads, they can all be rendered useless.

Localised power surge safety boards (those long boards you plug directly into your power point) are not as effective and are primarily designed for protection against power leaks only.

If you would like to know the best solution for your specific environment please contact the professional team at Service More 24 and we can provide you with a no obligation free quote. Don’t risk your electrical devices, get proper surge protection installed today.

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Install a surge protector today and rest assured knowing your property is protected against electrical spikes, lighting strikes and more. Get protected today and protect your expensive appliances from a major disaster. Service More 24’s Surge Protection services include:

  • Property assessments

  • Surge protection device installations

  • Surge protection device repairs

All it takes is a single surge and you could have an expensive bill for appliance replacements. Don’t risk your computers, TV’s, fridge and other equipment. Have Service More 24 complete an assessment of your home or business and provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. Don’t delay, call today!

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Testimonial - Dimitri

I just want to take a moment to thank the team at Service More 24. They saved me a heap, were honest and reliable and got work done right A+++.

Dimitri Bal

Great work, reliable, honest and always calls back. A very reliable plumber which is hard to come by these days. Thank you Service More 24!

Anthony Dionne

Quality and service was excellent. As I am ocd about my cleanliness, I experienced no anxiety after all four walls had to be jacked off as the gentlemen were so clean!

Pano Zed

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